teisipäev, 6. jaanuar 2009

So it is...

I'll make it through the rainy days
I'll be the one who stands here longer than the rest
When my landscape changes, re-arranges
I'll be stronger than I've ever been
No more stillness, more sunlight
Everything's gonna be all right

Sometimes I feel so down and out
Like emotion that's been captured in a maze
I had my ups and downs
Trials and tribulations
I overcome it day by day
Feeling good and almost powerful
A new me, that's what I'm looking for

I didn't know what I had to do
I just knew I was alone
People around me but they didn't care
So I searched into my soul
I'm not the type of girl that will let them see her cry
It's not my style
I get by
See I'm gonna do this for me

I'm all alone
And finally I'm getting stronger
You'll come to see
Just what I can be
I'm getting stronger

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